How We build Our Online Reputation

Bismillah. Alhamdulillah. Shollu ‘alannabiy.

By the internet, the world was connected. All thing was being recorded. And we can connect to people anywhere to anyone at any time.
The social media fever really changes the world. We can express our expression just use one click only. We can share, type, post anything to every one of the earth. So, build our online reputation just like that. This following some tips to make our best online reputation. I make this to some point so that easy to read and apply.
1. Make our official blog
Firstly, take an easy to make our official blog on commercial service like,, etc. Or we can use wordpress, wix or blogger, etc to make it no-cost.
2. Make our official social media accounts.
Secondly, important to make our social media account as official. There are facebook, twitter, instagram, telegram, especially linkedin. But, I suggest using social media that relevant to our brand (or what brand we will build). For example, for developer, it usually creating an account at github. For designer that use adobe family software like adobe photoshop, adobe after effect, adobe illustrator, so create an account on behance.
3. Create content periodically.
After we have blog and socmed officially, we must create content time by time. Please write and post the content that have relevant to our brand (or the brand we will build). Please upload our work, if you a designer, upload your design, if you a software developer then upload your code.
So, the peoples that search something that relevant to your work on the internet using search engine, the internet will show them what that have you built.

That was my little sharing about how to build online reputation. Hopely usefull. Thankyou.

Yendri Ikhlas Fernando


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