Use Our Finger to Change The World

Many things can change by speak. And many things can change by action. And there were some people can changed the world by speak and action. But, did us know? There are the new way to change things? to change the world? It is our fingers.

This is digital age or digital era. Just right now. When you read this text. Peoples are connecting each others by internet. And the internet very easy to reach by a things that we call smartphone with touchscreen. What peoples want they can make it on media like website and social media. And social media have real power to change the world. We can write a big action or a big idea. And invite peoples to join to our idea. And order the peoples to do what we want to reach. And that’s all we can do just with our fingers.

This the new age. Use our fingers to change the world.

*note : sorry for my bad english. still learning.


Pekanbaru, 29 Nov 2016 / 29 Shafar 2016


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